Yemisi & Co. represents the multifaceted woman who understands and embraces who she is today, recognises and accepts where she came from while working towards becoming the woman she admires.

My parents were born in Nigeria and came over to the UK as children. Similar to other West-African families that I know, my parent’s main concern was providing for their family. They worked hard everyday with the opportunities they found to not only obtain a life better than what their parents had provided and financially support their parents back home but to also give their children more than they had as children. I think this was the narrative for many people who migrated to the UK.

As a family, we didn’t struggle but we definitely lived a modest lifestyle. Our family holidays were few and far between and were always in Nigeria. Some may not even classify that as a holiday because it was simply going back home. My siblings and I had everything we needed but anything that wasn’t a necessity was considered a luxury. The discipline this lifestyle instilled in me is definitely invaluable and I’ve carried it throughout my life.

Growing up, my mother really lived up to that role of being a “strong woman”. Often operating on zero hours sleep, being in 3 places at once and always meeting the needs of the home. However, one thing she did lack was taking some time for herself. She always came last. I think women of that demographic in that era often came last in multiple ways. In the media, in the workplace and even in our own community.                                                                                             


As a woman now, I recognise there was a lack of appreciation for self-care and relaxation amongst many women in that period of time with similar stories. Everything was all about survival and making ends meet. Many things that were considered luxury items then are now seen as everyday essentials by those in my generation. I feel that we have found the perfect balance in not only working hard but working smart and making ourselves a priority and not an after thought.

This lifestyle brand has been designed to reflect that balance, celebrate how far we’ve come and serve as a reminder not to make ourselves an afterthought but a forethought.


2020 is definitely a year that will go down in history. Everything from the Covid-19 Pandemic to the BLM movement, all the great people we lost and of course the End SARS movement.
For many of us, mentally, this was the most challenging period of our lives. But in the midst of that chaos, Yemisi & Co. was born.