Who remembers the parties for no reason?

It was not Christmas, or a birthday or a Christening…. It was simply our Aunties and Uncles gathering with food, drink, and music. I guess we can call it a ‘Celebration of Life’.

After the summer holidays, many of my classmates spoke about their trips to Spain and going to Disneyland. I on the other hand shared my experience of choreographing dance routines with my “cousins” and overdosing on fizzy drinks at one of the many Celebrations of Life parties.

Joy should and can be found in simple things. Being in great company, eating delicious food and simply indulging in what makes you happy.

The scent of sparkling red raspberry with a reserved helping of peppercorn all delicately resting on a base of vanilla, tingling amber, precious woods and dry fruits.

This candle is ideal for social gatherings. Think of dinner parties, family gatherings/reunions, a girl’s night in.... Use '& PLAY.' to create a fun atmosphere accompanied by good music, food, drinks and good vibes.