I was raised in a South London estate. Grew up in a 3-bedroom council flat. There are so many stimulations that evokes feelings and memories, memories that literally transport me back in time to those years. Years I have entitled ‘A Simpler Time in Life’. The sound of children playing outside, the music from ice-cream vans, the sight of an old school double decker bus (the ones without a door at the entrance and a bus conductor).

My family often used our balcony individually as a retreat. Even if it was only for a moment. I remember going out onto our balcony and often being overwhelmed by the smell of cut grass. I’d get lost in my thoughts, reflect on anything I was experiencing at that point in time and watch the world go by. Ironically, I do not actually like the smell of cut grass, but each time I encounter it, I am reminded to take time out to retreat and simply be.

A rich base scent of amber and tonka with prominent notes of lavender.

This candle has been perfectly designed to help destress and unwind. Best used during downtime, meditation, prayer time or simply with a hot bath and a glass of your favourite bubbly.